Fun Diving With Reef The Experience

Our Fun Diving Expeditions are designed to give you the very best experience from the minute you arrive at our brand new bespoke diving centre, to the moment you return to land and head back to your villa to relax, or perhaps enjoy the spectacular panorama at our beach bar, drinking in the beautiful sunsets as well as a refreshing drink.

We typically operate two diving expeditions per day, consisting of two dives each. You can choose to dive in the morning, where we normally dive more advanced sites, or the afternoon which are generally more relaxed and less challenging dives, or indeed you can choose to take part in the full day and log up to four dives. In between the morning and afternoon sessions, the boat returns to Koh Tao to exchange divers and replenish stocks.

We typically try to limit our fun-diving groups to four customers per leader to provide a more intimate and relaxing experience With customer service being our highest priority after safety, we provide the ultimate diving experience for our guests. As one of our customers, you can expect your diving day to unfold like this:

  • Meet and Greet
    • If it is your first dive with Reef, this is your opportunity to meet with your dive leader, and be fitted out with your own set of equipment, sized to your requirements for maximum comfort.
  • Departure
    • Our crew-members will have already collected your equipment and carried it down to our long-tail tenders for your convenience. All you need to do is collect your personal belongings and stroll twenty metres to the beach where your transport to the dive-boat will be waiting.
  • Set Sail and Gear-Up
    • Once loading is complete, our boat sets sail for the dive site, giving you the opportunity to enjoy our complimentary food and drinks, including fresh baked pastries, fruit salads and a variety of drinks.
    • In the mean time, our crew will be assembling your equipment for you, including thorough safety checks.
  • Dive Number One
    • After the boat has moored up at the location, it is time to enter the water. Typically your dive guide will enter the water first, to assist your entry, whilst the crew on the boat will help you to make your way to the entry point or ladder.
    • Once your group are all ready to descend, that’s it! Dive time!
  • Surface Interval
    • After you surface, you exit the water in your own time. If you need assistance, your dive guide will be happy to help you out of your equipment and up the ladder.
    • You will be greeted back onto the boat by our deck-crew who will be ready with towels, food and drink for your convenience.
    • Whilst you relax and take in the beautiful views of Koh Tao, our Captain will steer the boat to a new location, and the crew will switch your equipment onto a new tank in preparation for your second dive.
  • Dive Number Two
    • This follows the same procedure as dive one.
  • Return To Land
    • Once again, you will be helped back into the boat, and greeted with yet more towels, food and drink.
    • As the boat starts out on the journey back to Shark Bay, our dive crew will dismantle your equipment and stow it away. We will ensure your equipment is washed and stored in our secure equipment room, ready for your next outing.
    • On your return to land you have the option of logging your dives with your dive leader, who will be able to provide all the facts, statistics and fish identifications you would require and much more.