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Preserving Paradise Simple Things

Sometimes, to make a big change, all we need to do is make a few small changes. At Reef Dive Centre, we have taken this on-board and are trying to make changes wherever we can, no-matter how small.

Here are a few examples…

Simple Things
  • We encourage all of our customers to read and sign our Environmental Practices Agreement [Click Here to Download] which outlines the dos and don’ts for responsible tourism on Koh Tao.
  • One of the biggest threats to marine turtles is floating plastic debris, especially carrier bags which they often mistake for Jellyfis, a major part of their diet. This unfortunately results in the death of the poor turtle. To help reduce this, Reef have replaced plastic carrier bags in store with recycled paper bags, which break down readily if they do make it into the ocean, and pose no threat to turtles.
  • No Straws – We actively encourage our guests to say no to straws which are a major contributor to plastic debris which finds its way onto our beaches and waters.