Reef Dive Centre Haad Tien Resort

The Haad Tien is a unique 45-acre boutique resort nestled amongst the palm groves in the southern tip of Koh Tao, with its own 350 meter secluded beach. The development has taken place organically and boasts a wide variety of private villas, many of which are on the beachfront with stunning panoramic sea views. The villas have been designed to provide guests with clean, comfortable and spacious accommodation without sacrificing the natural environment, which makes the resort so unique.

The resort is totally private as it is situated in its own natural bay, with granite cliffs on both sides and a jungle behind. Conveniently though, it is only a kilometre from the nearest village, local shops and restaurants. The beach itself opens out onto a crystal blue shallow lagoon, which is perfect for swimming and snorkelling. At night all that can be heard is the lapping of the waves and the gentle whistling of the breeze. The name “Haad Tien” derives from the trees which are found growing at the water’s edge, with their roots digging into the white coral sands of the beach. Our Environment

The Haad Tien is built on one of the most untouched and naturally beautiful bays in Thailand and the resort has been designed with the environment in mind. The villas and restaurant building are low impact and constructed from natural materials. The resort has its own flower and plant nursery, to ensure we have a constant supply of naturally occurring foliage. The nursery also doubles as a fruit and vegetable garden, to ensure that guests can enjoy fresh and delicious produce while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

It is the harmonious relationship with the environment that makes this resort so special, nature and luxury intertwine at Haad Tien. Water, a precious commodity on the island, is drawn from our own boreholes sunk deep into the subsoil. Any waste water is recycled and used to irrigate the garden and plantings in the resort. Lastly, any refuse generated in the resort is sorted and recycled, and the beach is thoroughly cleaned and swept every day with any driftwood removed for use as resort fuel.
The Haad Tien was not meant to be just another boutique design hotel. The land which provides the stunning backdrop to the resort has been in my family and undeveloped for 30 years, used solely as a “sanctuary” for us to escape the bustle and pollution of Bangkok. In developing the resort we have always kept this feeling of “sanctuary” and respect for the natural beauty and tranquillity of the environment in mind. We hope that you and your family can now also share with us this little hidden piece of paradise.