Our Equipment Professional Grade Kit

Here at Reef Dive Centre, we do not want to let ill fitting, poor quality equipment stand between our customers and their enjoyable dives. For this reason, we have invested in a range of Instructor-level equipment which hugely exceeds the standard set by our contemporaries.

We have spared no expense and have teamed up with the world famous brand ScubaPro, to bring you high quality rental equipment at no extra cost. See below for more information;

Regulators Breathing Apparatus

  • ScubaPro Mk II Balanced First Stage
  • ScubaPro R095 Second Stages
  • ScubaPro Depth and Pressure Gauges

Buoyancy Compensators BC-BCD

  • ScubaPro T-One Buoyancy Compensator

Fins Propulsion

  • ScubaPro JetSport Closed Heel
  • ScubaPro JetSport Open Heel
  • ScubaPro 5mm Booties

Masks Snorkels

  • ScubaPro Spectra 2 c/w Spectra Valved Snorkel
  • Prescription Masks available -5 to -1 prescriptions

Wetsuits Exposure Protection

  • 3mm Short Wetsuit
  • 3mm Socks
  • ScubaPro 5mm Booties