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Koh Tao is blessed with some of the finest diving in Thailand. Read more about our dive sites below, or alternatively click on the map on the right to see a location map.

Mango Bay Magnificent Coral Vistas

Depth : 6-18 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

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One of Koh Tao's most beautiful collections of pristine corals lie just below the surface in this secluded and sheltered bay. Perfect for beginners, this dive site offers a large swathe of soft white sand in the centre for practicing skills. On either side of the bay, amazing coral gardens await divers, providing homes for a stunning variety of fish.

Expect to find Red-breasted and Splendour Wrasse, Batfish, Triggerfish and Parrotfish.

Chumphon Pinnacle Stunning Undersea Ridge

Depth : 15-40 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

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Located approximately 8km from Koh Tao, this pinnacle takes up to an hour to reach, but is well worth the wait. Divers are typically greeted by great visibility which allows them to take in the truly colossal shoals of fish which populate this site, making it one of our all time favourites.

Heading South of the ridge, it is possible to leave the main pinnacle and strike out to Barracuda Rock, named for the huge shoals of Chevron Barracuda it attracts. Look out for enormous Marbled Grouper lying in the depths. The shallower areas near the top of Chumphon Pinnacle also harbour vast numbers of Magnificent Anemones complete with Pink Anemonefish and Damselfish.

As an offshore dive site, Chumphon Pinnacle also attracts a large number of pelagic life including Cobia, Queenfish, Rainbow Runners and the Magnificent Whaleshark.

SouthWest Pinnacle Unique and Picturesque

Depth : 6-28 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

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A minimum of a 1 hour steady sail from Koh Tao, SouthWest is a spectacular arrangement of parallel rows of pinnacles covered in Magnificent Anemones. These pinnacles slope down to a sandy, rocky garden which provides a home for many of the grouper family, including Hexagon, Coral and Marbled Grouper.

Shoals of Barracuda are often spotted being chased by huge Cobia, and this dive site has occasionally yielded sightings of families of Bull Sharks as well as regular visits from Whalesharks.

Sail Rock The Gulf's Premier Dive Site

Depth : 0-35 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water*

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This spectacular dive site is an explorer's dream, complete with a rare vertical swim-through affectionately known as 'the chimney' which runs from a plateau at 5mtrs down to the exit at 18mtrs. A breathtakingly beautiful dive, Sail Rock is suitable for beginner and advanced divers, alike.

Located almost half way between Koh Phagnan and Koh Tao, Sail Rock is a longer sail time to reach, so we normally offer this dive as part of a full day excursion, which typically includes two dives at Sail Rock and a further dive at a site closer to Koh Tao.

Look out for King Mackerel, Queenfish, huge shoals of Bigeye Trevally, Grouper and Whalesharks

*Recommended Advanced Open Water to enjoy all aspects of this dive

Red Rock Spectacular Drop-Off Diving

Depth : 5-20mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water*

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A large rocky pinnacle, lying fifty metres to the West of Koh Nangyuan, Red Rock is split almost in two horizontally by a large fissure which harbours numerous shrimp, and moray eels.

With more experienced divers, it is possible to experience Red Rock as a drop-off/drift dive where you enter the water at Red Rock, and exit a few hundred metres further South at Japanese Gardens. This dive traverses a range of large granite boulders, providing shelter for numerous fish and marine life, and also includes optional swim-throughs and access to a large cave.

Regular sightings of Turtles, Jenkin's Whipray, Moray Eels, Pipefish, Triggerfish

*Recommended Advanced Open Water to enjoy all aspects of this dive

Green Rock Swim-Through and Nudibranch Nirvana

Depth : 5-28mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water*

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A maze of swim-throughs, canyons and caverns created by a number of huge boulders, calved from the island of Koh Nangyuan.

The site itself covers an extensive area, with the main pinnacle of green rock itself reaching up to around 5 metres from the surface. This dive site is best enjoyed by more experienced divers who are confident and comfortable with swim-throughs and the potential for sometimes strong currents.

Regular sightings of large numbers of Nudibranch, Triggerfish, Trevally, Stingray as well as nocturnal creatures hiding in the caves and swim-throughs.

*Recommended Advanced Open Water to enjoy all aspects of this dive

Japanese Gardens World Famous Coral Garden

Depth : 5-18mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

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Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Koh Nangyan, Japanese Gardens is famed for its beautiful array of hard and soft corals. Perfect for beginner divers, it is sheltered and typically offers excellent visibility year round.

Expect to see a diverse mix of corals, including Stag-Horn, Boulder, Brain and Mushroom as well as huge numbers of reef fish such as Wrasse, Butteflyfish, Damselfish and Clownfish.

Twins Saddlebacks and Stingrays

Depth : 6-18mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

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One of Koh Tao's favourite dive sites, Twins is located across the iconic Koh Nangyuan beach and provides an impressive amount of marine life for beginner divers. Spread over three pinnacles, Twins is divided by large sandy patches inhabited by hundreds of Shrimp Gobies who nervously watch passing divers.

There is also the opportunity to visit 'Nemo' and his family of Saddleback Clownfish, whose anemone is protected by a large ring of stones.

Regular sightings include Blue Spotted Stingray, Saddleback Clownfish, adult and juvenile Blue Ringed and Six-Barred Angelfish, Gobies, Grouper.

Buoyancy World Underwater Playground

Depth : 12-15 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

Reef Dive Centre - Dive Sites

Located slightly North of Twins, Buoyancy World is an artificial dive site created by the Save Koh Tao organisation in collaboration with a number of the island's dive schools. Statues, hoops, tunnels and obstacle courses are just some of the highlights that lucky divers can enjoy.

In addition to this, Buoyancy World also boasts some impressive artificial reef structures which harbour all sorts of marine life.

Expect to see incredibly friendly Red-breasted and Splendour Wrasse, Batfish, Triggerfish and Parrotfish.

White Rock Classic Koh Tao

Depth : 6-22 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

Reef Dive Centre - Dive Sites

White Rock is another of the Koh Tao's favourite dives sites, due to its large size and generally calm conditions. Spend up to four dives exploring this expansive site and you still won't have seen it all.

The makeup of White Rock consists mainly of huge granite boulders covered in a variety of corals, along with a large coral garden and sandy patches near the centre. Also worth investigating is the White Rock itself - a truly enormous monolith reaching from the seabed to just below the surface. An excellent place to make a safety stop.

White Rock is also lucky to host its very own resident Green Turtle, who is often spotted during night dives residing in its own private cave.

Regular sightings of Wrasse, Butterfly Fish, Angelfish, White Eyed Moray Eel, Blue Spotted Stingray

Hin Pee Wee Beautiful Whip-Corals and Nudibranch

Depth : 5-30 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

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Nestled between the Sattakut wreck and White Rock, Hin Pee wee is an beautiful site covered with numerous Whip-Corals and other corals, both soft and hard. The site is also a haven for a spectacular array of tiny nudibranch, which dot the vertical and overhanging walls for dives with very keen eyes.

Look out for large Table and Whip Corals as well as Nudibranch.

HTMS Sattakut Spectacular Shipwreck

Depth : 16-30 mtrs, Min Rating : Advanced Open Water

Reef Dive Centre - Dive Sites

The waters of Sairee Bay hide an amazing secret beneath the waves - a purposely sunk warship named HTMS Sattakut. She started out life as a troop carrier for the US Navy built to assist the battle in the Pacific. Sattakut and her sister ships saw action in Iwo-Jima, and after the cessation of hostilities a number of these ships, including Sattakut were offered to the Royal Thai Navy where they served admirably for over 60 years.

After decommission, Sattakut found a loving home in 30mtrs of water where she is visited on a daily basis by awe-struck divers. But not only is this wreck a feast for the eyes, but she also acts as a home for a number of huge fish who take shelter inside the cabins and conning tower. At certain times of year the wreck is used by many fish including Barracuda as a place to lay eggs and provide protection for the hatchlings.

Regular sighting of huge Snapper, Trout, Barracuda, Pufferfish and Triggerfish guarding the anti-aircraft guns on the bows and stern.

Junk-Yard Surreal Scenery

Depth : 8-13 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

Reef Dive Centre - Dive Sites

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Junk-Yard started life as a dumping ground, but you would be wrong. This quirky dive site is a result of a collaboration between a number of Koh Tao dive schools wanting to reduce the pressure on other beginner-suitable dive sites which were becoming overcrowded.

Junk-Yard consists of a collection of artefacts lowered to the seabed which include an entire gymnasium, an impressive collection of toilets, abandoned vehicles as well as a number of coral nursery structures including a beautiful replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, complete with miniature cars and trains.

Look out for super friendly Giant Pufferfish, Juvenile Sweetlips, Lionfish, Squid

Three Rocks and Pottery Beautiful Pinnacles

Depth : 8-15 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

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Technically classed as two dive sites, Three Rocks and Pottery are so close we have combined them into one description. Perfect for beginner sites, this dive site his nice and shallow affording long dive times. The dive also offers beautiful Boulder and Table Corals.

Regular sightings of Pufferfish, large shoals of Fusiliers, Triggerfish, Cushion Starfish

Hin Wong Pinnacle Soft Coral Wonderland

Depth : 12-30 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

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This East coast dive site, is famed for its amazing tabletop rock formation, covered in a variety of hard and especially soft corals. Since it is a little way away from the shelter of the island, this dive site attracts some aquatic visitors not normally seen on the inland sites.

Look out for Snapper, Sweetlips, Juvenile Boxfish, Queenfish, Barracuda and occasional Turtles

Shark Island Amazing Diving on Your Doorstep

Depth : 0-20 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

Reef Dive Centre - Dive Sites

Directly opposite our home of Shark Bay, this location is a perfect site for beginner divers and snorkelers alike. Shark Island is a twin rock outcrop consisting of steeply slopping reefs reaching down to the sandy floor at twenty metres. The reef is studded with pristine Brain Corals and vivid Pink Anemones.

Amongst the large Barrel Sponges you can expect to see Snapper, Angelfish, Bannerfish and Stingray. Shark Island is also home to an adolescent Hawksbill Turtle and snorkelers have the chance to spot Blacktip Reef Sharks prowling the sandy areas.

Aow Leuk Calm, Sheltered and Excuisite

Depth : 5-20 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

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Aow Leuk, a well sheltered bay, is our next closest neighbour and is ideal for training, with a fringing reef right around the bay. It boasts a fine variety of corals including Stag-Horn, Brain, Star and Table Corals. Amongst the corals you will spot brightly coloured Christmas Tree Worms.

In the sandy section of the bay, you can expect to find differing varieties of Goatfish, Gobies and Stingray.

Laem Thian Bay Colourful, Serene and Tranquil

Depth : 6-18 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

Reef Dive Centre - Dive Sites

Located on the Eastern coast of Koh Tao, Laem Thian was once a location for a small resort which has since been abandoned and has fallen into disrepair. Almost completely inaccessible by land, this dive site is seldom dived by other schools so more often than not we have the site to ourselves.

This site begins with a descent onto a gently sloping seabed completely covered by Mushroom Coral down to a depth of around 12mtrs. Swimming around the headland brings divers to a collection of large coastal boulders and rocky pinnacles populated by numerous fish and marine creatures.

Look out for both adult and juvenile Sweetlips, Jenkin's Whipray, schooling Weaver's Butterflyfish, Unicornfish, and even Turtles.

Laem Thian Caves Awe Inspiring Cave System

Depth : 12-30 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water*

Reef Dive Centre - Dive Sites

This dive site is known for its swim-throughs and cave systems and is layered with gigantic boulders becoming an underwater maze for divers.

Divers have a chance to enjoy the spectacular 'Star Wars Alley' cave system which features a 'V' shaped swim through stretching from the surface to a depth of 15mtrs. Other highlights include the affectionately named 'Boom-Boom-Room' which is a doughnut shaped cave featuring a peculiar quirk which harnesses the power of the waves to create epically powerful bass vibrations which resonates lucky divers to their very core!

*Recommended Advanced Open Water to enjoy all aspects of this dive

Tanote Bay Cliff-Jumpers and Reef Balls

Depth : 6-14 mtrs, Min Rating : Open Water

Reef Dive Centre - Dive Sites

A calm dive site particularly favoured by beginner divers, Tanote Bay is a wonderful destination where above the water, visitors can often spot the dare-devil cliff jumpers hurling themselves into the water from the large rock in the centre of the bay.

The dive site is made up of a large sandy bay with fringing coral reefs on either side and surrounding Tanote rock. This bay also hosts a number of artificial reef structures such as reef-balls which provide a wonderful starting point for broken coral to regrow. These balls also afford excellent hiding places for all sorts of reclusive marine creatures.

Look out for Stingray, Squirrelfish, juvenile Sweetlips, Hexagon Grouper

MV Trident Advanced Wreck

Depth : 6-14 mtrs, Min Rating : Advanced Divers with Wreck Experience*

Reef Dive Centre - Dive Sites

This amazing wreck was once owned by the first company to bring technical diving to Koh Tao, and now it has reached a fitting end as a perfect dive site for technical wreck divers.

This wreck lies in 36mtrs of water and is often subject to moderate currents, making it unsuitable for novices. As a result we seldom dive this wreck, so early booking is essential.

*Recommended that divers have at least Nitrox, Intro to Tech or Decompression Procedure experience