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Koh Tao, or in Thai ‘Turtle Island’, has always drawn sea-loving adventurers due to its mystical remote offshore location and reputation for an abundant, rich marine life. During the early days, this ex-penal colony outpost quickly became a hippie haven where local villagers survived on a subsistence of fishing and income from selling coconuts to the mainland.

I grew up spending endless summers with my mother, father and sister, together discovering this magical underwater realm as a family, all sharing the thought that this was a kind of underwater ‘Jurassic Park’ – priceless memories etched and forever treasured.

To this day, Koh Tao is still able to capture visitors’ imagination – with a beautiful granite rock shoreline, Thai fishing village small-island feel, turquoise blue warm waters, vibrant offshore underwater pinnacles populated with plentiful pelagic fish and the exciting opportunity of an encounter with a majestic whale shark.

Sea life has been and will always be an integral part of Koh Tao. At Reef Dive Centre, we hope our team of enthusiasts can showcase what it is that we love for you all to experience.

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    Popular Courses One On One Tuition

    In a single day, experience the beautiful tranquility of Koh Tao's underwater with its amazingly diverse array of fish and marine life.

    Packages start from B4,400 including equipment hire.

    Become a certified diver in only three days in our outstanding facilities and world class instructor team.

    Packages start from B14,500 including all certification fees and equipment hire.

    Further your knowledge and skills over two days and join a new level of experienced divers able to dive to 30 mtrs,

    Packages start from B12,900 including all certification fees and equipment hire

    Fun Diving No Lessons Just Exploring

    Koh Tao is known for its excellent year round diving conditions; currents are rare and we often have 30-metres of visibility or more! Besides the abundance of multi-coloured reef fish - you can expect to see barracudas, giant groupers, feeding travelys, whalesharks and if you’re lucky, perhaps even sail fish. Each day two boats go out to explore the waters. We make two dives on our morning boat, and two in the afternoon. Want to see what our ocean looks like when the sun is gone? Then join us on a night dive.

    Haad Tien Beach Resort - Koh Tao

    The Haad Tien Beach Resort is a boutique destination set in a stunning backdrop of beachfront panoramas, featuring its own 380 metre secluded beach situated at the southern tip of Koh Tao. The property contains 70 private villas thoughtfully spaced amongst over 45 acres of land, which features a stunning natural bay, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.